Thursday, December 4, 2008


We do this at church and it's really kinda fun. It always makes me ask more questions and I think God likes that we ask questions or just say what we think. It's called SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) Mine for today was 1 Corinthians 2:2-For I determined not to know anything except Jesus Christ and him crucified. My O-I read this and it just blew me is so BIG! ..not to know ANYTHING EXCEPT Jesus Christ and him crucified. knowing only the man, the saviour, the Son--His life and His death. Not only what he lived and low he lived which is more than i"ll probably ever know but also how he died. He sacrificied DAILY...for the end and he saw the end. He lived for that "I" could live...WOOWWW!! My A-The Word..Jesus WAS the Word. Applying this would be to live what i am reading every day...every day. I can't just pick and choose the days I want to live as Jesus did...dying to my desires and all the things I think are right. knowing not only Jesus Christ but also him crucified. This IS big but it's a little every day..little by little. my P-i prayed my own little can pray your own if you want. But I do have to say this...that no matter how "GOOD" i think i am or all the good things i've done..none of it matters without JESUS. He is the ONLY way in this life, in 2008, and the only way in the life to come. I can live for here and now or for's the easy, most common choice to live for right now...all the things i can SEE NOW but will be gone tomorrow... but it's the hard, less traveled road to live for the things i cannot see now but will ONE day see! I may not live my life exactly as it should be and i've been a hypocrite, full of pride, full of doubt and fear, a liar, a deceiver...the list could go on....but i know one thing...i AM a follower of JESUS CHRIST and i will do my best to make HIM look GOOD. is the GOOD news after all...;)